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Secondary controls can become a distraction that take your ___________off the road and hands off the wheel.

Question: Secondary controls can become a distraction that take your ___________off the road and hands off the wheel.
A) Thoughts
B) Eyes
C) Tires
D) Mind

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  • when signal lights are not working, drivers should stop and follow the procedures used at an intersection controlled by:
  • primary controls include the gearshift lever, steering wheel, and _______________.
  • the distance known as your visual ______________ zone should be as far as 30 seconds ahead of your vehicle.
  • create a _______________ distance greater than two seconds when traction and visibility are reduced.
  • when you decide to execute a maneuver, you will need a control zone of approximately_________seconds.
  • you have the most control over the space ___________ of your vehicle.
  • hand over hand steering provides effective vehicle control when you're steering
  • true or false: if your gas pedal jams, you should turn the key to lock to lock the steering wheel.
  • recognize and control your _________ nature, do not weave in traffic, tailgate or race with other drivers.
  • __________ braking is when you keep your heel on the floor and control your brake pressure using your ankle and your toes.
  • always pay attention to your_______ markings and make every attempt to keep all of your wheels on the road surface.
  • when conducting _______ recovery, it is important to resist the vehicle's pull in the direction of the shoulder and not over-correct or jerk the steering wheel in the direction of the road.
  • when there is no space to the sides to steer into, controlled braking might be necessary to achieve the ______ possible stopping distance.
  • as you approach an intersection, _____________ around and through the intersection for traffic controls and other road users already in the intersection.
  • grooming, passengers, eating, drinking and __________ are all distractions you can control.
  • never use ______________ hand gestures when driving.
  • distracted drivers surround you on the road: ___________ of drivers talk on cell phones.
  • you need friction created by your tires and the road _________ to control your speed and direction.
  • if the water is below the bottom of your car and as high as the rims of your vehicle, drive very slowly and position your vehicle in the ______ of the road if possible.
  • sudden loss of _________ can occur when transitioning from a paved road to a dirt road and may result in a loss of control.
  • if your hood flies up while you are driving blocking your view of the road you should
  • markings delineate roadways and lanes and are often used to
  • on divided roadways when traffic going in opposite directions is separated by guardrails or a median, drive in the right lane and reserve the left lane for ________.
  • one major advantage of push/pull steering from the low-hand position is________.

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