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DONE - ___________ the time you travel in large vehicles "no-zones".

Question: ___________ the time you travel in large vehicles "no-zones".
A) Minimize
B) Extend
C) Increase
D) Maximize

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Question: If you are sharing the road with a large vehicle, don't tailgate; back off so you can ________ and be seen.
A) Honk
B) Pass
C) Breathe
D) See

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Question: Be aware of the "no-zones" surrounding ___________ vehicles and avoid placing your vehicle in these zones for an extended amount of time.
A) Mid-size
B) Delivery
C) Small
D) Large

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Question: Large, heavy vehicles have slow acceleration, long __________distances and respond poorly through sharp turns.
A) Communication
B) Steering
C) Braking
D) Starting

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Question: If you are driving an SUV or large vehicle, enter most entrance ramps__________.
A) expecting gradual banked curves
B) on the shoulder
C) at low speeds
D) after merging

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at low speeds

Question: __________ have extended blind spots and no-zones on all sides, similar to large trucks.
B) Compact cars
C) RVs
D) Sedans

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