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REDIRECTED Texas Drivers License Practice Test - Quiz

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1. When entering a street from a private alley or driveway, you must:
Stop only when turning left
Proceed at 5mph
Stop, then yield to approaching vehicles and pedestrians
Sound your horn for pedestrians

2. When entering a street from an unpaved road, you should:
Yield to vehicles that are within 1000 feet.
Merge to vehicles coming from the right.
Yield to the vehicle on the paved road in all instances.
Push the accelerator to gain enough speed to reach the speed limit.

3. Use fuel with the __________ rating recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

4. If blinded by an approaching motor vehicle at night, it is best to:
Dim your lights and continue at the same speed
Leave your lights on bright to offset the glare
Slow down and avoid looking directly into the lights of the approaching vehicle

5. When a vehicle ahead of you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of you, you should:
Stay in line and wait until the vehicle ahead proceeds
Overtake to the right
Overtake to the left
Sound your horn

6. What should cars parked on the side of a highway at night show?
Manual flashlights or flares from the rear.
High-beam headlights.
Parking lights.
Interior lights.

7. After parking your vehicle, for the greatest safety you should get out of your vehicle:
On the curb side
On the street side

8. As you near an intersection, you discover you are in the wrong lane for turning right as intended therefore, you should:
Move quickly into the proper lane.
Wait until other pass and then get into the proper lane.
Drive ahead until you can get into the proper lane, then turn at another intersection.
Turn from the lane you are in if no cars are coming.

9. The effects of experimental drinking, recreational drinking, and alcohol abuse are all ___________.

10. Once you have stopped for a school bus, do not pass until the driver signals you to proceed, the red lights stop flashing, or:
The bus starts backing up.
The bus starts moving ahead.
The driver turns on the hazard lights.
The children are 300 feet away from the sidewalk.

11. You can lawfully allow an object to extend beyond the left side of your vehicle:
3 inches
6 inches
9 inches
12 inches

12. The circadian rhythm is built into the human body to provide ___________ for itself.
Heart rate

13. If you run off the pavement, you should:
Apply the brakes hard
Steer straight ahead and speed up
Turn the steering wheel quickly toward the road
Steer straight and slow down before attempting to return to the pavement

14. Even if you are not intoxicated and you are under the age of 21 and have any detectable amount of alcohol in your system while operating a motor vehicle, you may be charged with:
Public intoxication
Intoxication assault
Intoxication manslaughter
Driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor

15. When driving in a fog, you can see better by:
Using lower headlight beam
Using upper headlight beam
Using the paring lights
Switching beams frequently

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