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Texas Parent taught Drivers Education 101 Course Packet - FAQs

1. Is this course approved by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for the Parent Taught program?
Yes. This course meets all required state standards for an approved Parent Taught Driver Education program.

2. Which course is better?
All the courses meet the state standards for an approved Parent Taught program. It is up to the instructor (parent) to choose which course best suits his/her teaching style.

3. When can I begin teaching the course?
You may begin teaching Course 101 after you have received your Information Packet from the Department of Public Safety (DPS). If you have not registered with the DPS, a request form and appropriate fee must be submitted to them.

Questions regarding the DPS PTDE Program may be directed to (512) 424-5623 or

Questions about course content? Email or call our office at (512) 919-5247.

4. Where do I get the Completion Certificate proving that I completed Course 101 to present to the the DPS Licensing Office?
The "Parent Taught Driver Education 101 - Completion Certificate" is provided in the course materials (Instructions) purchased from Education Service Center, Region 13.

5. Can this course be taught as a concurrent course or block course?
Course 101 may be taught either as a concurrent course or block course.

In a concurrent course, the student is eligible to take the DPS written exam after completion of all three (3) sections of Module 1. Then the student completes the classroom instruction in Modules 2 through 12 and the In-Car Instruction in Module 13.

In a block course, the student is eligible to take the DPS written exam after completion of Modules 1 through 12. Then the student completes the In-Car Instruction in Module 13.

6. What is the timeline to complete the course?
The parent instructor sets the timeline for the course. The course may not be completed in less than 21 days. Please review your Information Packet from the DPS on the number of hours of classroom and in-car instruction allowed per day.

7. I have twins and mailed in for two packets but only received one packet from the DPS. Who should I call?
The Parent Taught Division of the Department of Public Safety mails these packets and you can contact them at (512) 424-5623.

8. Where do I get a Texas Driver Handbook?
The Texas Driver Handbook is available at your local DPS office or online. Also, the information is included in Module 1 (Parts 1, 2, 3)

9. My teenager has completed the classroom instruction at a driving school. What do I have to do to teach just the in-car instruction?
Contact the driving school to transfer the classroom hours to you, the instructor of the parent-taught course. Then, you only need Module 13 of Texas PTDE Course 101. A downloadable version is available from the Region 13 Online Store for $15. Print the Additional Behind-the-Wheel Practice Guide and Log, and Module 13 and follow the instructions provided. Completed logs and the Course 101 Completion Certificate should be taken to the DPS to prove that PTDE course 101 in-car instruction was provided to your teenager. Be sure to take the transfer documentation from the driving school showing successful completion of the classroom phase.

10. When my teenager has completed the classroom and in-car instructional phases, is there anything else?
Yes. A new law requires new drivers to receive an additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice. These hours are required to be certified by a parent or guardian before a teenager may progress to Phase 2 of Texas' Graduated Driver Licensing Program. The additional hours must include at least 10 hours driving at night.

* Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Guide 30 Hours
* Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log 30 Hours

Question about Texas Parent Taught Driver's Ed packet?

Q. I'm 15. And I have no permit.
I ordered the Parent Taught Driver Education Packet (handbook included) so I can start. The packet included forms DL-91 A and DL-91 B. Just papers I need to fill in. As I read the Handbook I realized that there were chapters. But in the DL-91 A form it said Modules 1-10. So I didn't know where to put my hours in. I called up the DPS and asked what I had to do. Turns out I have to take a Course(102-109) But I thought those were for getting your license. So I asked my friend. He says what he did was, that he took course 101, basically made up his own lesson plan. Gathered up the required information(VoE, insurance, ect) took the permit test, got his permit and he was done. And he is now taking one of the courses. But I just read that another required thing you need in order to take the permit test is both the DL- 91 A and DL- 91 B forms. Again I can't fill them in cause I can't(Or can I?)

Q. Would I only have to fill in Module 1: Texas Driver Responsibilities- Knowing Texas Traffic Laws?(Have to do 6hours of it) or every module? Can't I just make up dates?
And the DL- 91 B form is for Behind-the-Wheel driving. So I'm guessing I drive(with an adult) and record the dates too? Or is this AFTER I get my permit?

So I can read the handbook. Fill in the logs, gather up the required things I need to take in order to get my permit, give them my information, take the test, get my permit, wait atleast 6 months(while taking a course?) take the test for my license, then I'm done?

If this is to confusing could anyone just tell me what they did to get there permit? Excluding people who went to driving school.

Copied Source:

I just got my Texas Drivers Handbook and parent taught driver education packet. What should I do next?
I have my permit, and will be eligible for my driver's license May 17th.
My father lost my driver's log-where you fill in your progress, hours you've driven, etc.

Can I send in another form to receive a new packet? My dad was concerned that if you receive a new packet, that I may lose credit for the progress I've made, and that I will have to wait another six months before getting my license. I have searched the Department of Public Safety, DMV, and haven't found a specific answer to my question.

I would love some legitimate answers from someone who actually knows the answer, and a source would be great as well.

This is one rule under the instructions of the form you fill out to receive the Parent Taught Driver's Ed packet:

' No instruction is permitted prior to receipt of the Parent Taught Driver Education Packet. Any instruction prior to that time will not be accepted toward the required instruction time.'

So I'm wondering if that means my hours driving, and the six month time limit after I receive my permit will be erased if I mail in a request for a new packet.


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