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Parent taught Driver Education Packet - Course Requirements

House Bill 2730 requires all the applicants under the age of 18 to take the driving skills exam to receive a driver license. From your learner's permit to driver's license, state-approved online Texas parent taught drivers ed course includes all the latest information and requirement mandated by the Texas legislation.
Choosing a Driver Education Course

Individuals under 18 years of age are required to complete a driver education course and present the Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964) at the driver license office.

When applying for a license, the driving test is required. The knowledge test will be waived if it was completed during the driver education course.

NOTE: An individual may start the classroom phase of a driver education course at 14 years of age but cannot apply for a learner license until he/she is at least 15.

There are three types of driver education for teens:

    A traditional driver education course offered by a driver training school
    Parent-taught driver education (PTDE)
    Driver education offered in public school

This chart shows the differences between the three types of driver education for teens:

Teen Driver Education Course requirements
DescriptionDriver Training SchoolParent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE)Public School*
Hours of required classroom instruction323232, 40 or 56 (depends on school)
Simulator driving allowedYesNoYes
Partial classroom instruction transfer allowedYes, from one driver education school to anotherNoYes, if the public school or driver education school approves it
Full classroom instruction transfer allowedYesNo – Concurrent Method

Yes – Block Method
Driving instruction transfer allowedYes, from one driver education school to anotherNoNo
*Please contact the school directly for more information. - Texas department of public safety drivers license

Apply for a Texas Driver License
The Texas Driver’s Handbook is available online or at any driver license office to help individuals qualify for a Texas driver license.

Individuals applying for their first Texas driver license must:

  1. Gather documents that verify their identity, Social Security Number, U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status, and Texas residency. 
  2. Complete the application DL 14A. (This form is also available at any driver license office.)
  3. Present either:
    • Proof of Texas vehicle registration (only if a new Texas resident) and evidence of financial responsibility for each vehicle owned by the applicant or
    • A statement affirming that the applicant does not own a motor vehicle.
  4. Apply in person at any driver license office and bring the required documents and fees.
  5. Pass the knowledge and driving tests, unless exempt. (Read about testing in other languages.)


This will be the sequence while you take the driving exam after I passed written test in Texas.

While the officer is still standing outside , next to your car.
1. He will check whether the car you have have proper valid stickers/registration/papers,etc.
2. Wear your seatbelt before you start the vehicle.
3. Checking for brake/hand brake position.
4. You will be asked to start your vehicle/ignition
5. Ask you to flash the signal/warning lights one by one, whether functioning properly & whether you know the difference in those lights.

Officer then takes the passenger seat.
6. Reverse Test
7. Parallel Parking
8. Then he may ask you to go around within the campus or in the closest neighborhood (mostly residential areas) be most careful with signalling, speed limit, do not apply sudden breaks..keep it soft but perfect (on time).
9. While driving avoid turning & looking at the officer every time he speaks & get distracted from your driving or watching the road. Just listen carefully & do as instructed.

DMV Practice Permit Test Study Guide

You can find everything you need to pass your Learner's Permit or Driver's License test that includes more than driving test 500+ questions. Free and unlimited practice tests questions and answers. This Learners Permit Study Guide helps you to get ready for your Learners Permit (driving permit). Learners permit practice test prep includes traffic signs and signals questions almost identical to the real test. Get ready for your permit test today!

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