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Drivers Ed -Driving Test Questions and Answers 4

1. If a truck is ahead in the left lane with a right turn signal on, stay away from its __________ side.
A: Left
B: Front
C: Right
D: Top

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2. Speed limits are set by traffic engineers based on__________ road, traffic and environmental conditions.
A: Ideal
B: Inclement
C: Indecisive
D: Irregular

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3. The considerable weight and__________ of an SUV makes collisions more dangerous for drivers of small vehicles.
A: Height
B: Headlights
C: Versatility
D: Cost

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4. In merging situations, if you see that you and another vehicle might collide if you continue at the same speed, adjusting speed (faster or slower) might be the

solution to create a safe _____.
A: Lane
B: Gap
C: Environment
D: Inertia

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5. Before driving, have the ___________ committed to memory.
A: State doctrine
B: DMV address
C: Exit numbers
D: Rules-of-the-road

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6. Large, heavy vehicles have slow acceleration, long__________distances and respond poorly through sharp turns.
A: Communication
B: Steering
C: Braking
D: Starting

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7. Drivers with a green light and pedestrians with a WALK signal are usually going the _____________ direction.
A: Wrong
B: Opposite
C: Illegal
D: Same

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8. If you are sharing the road with a large vehicle, don't tailgate; back off so you can ________and be seen.

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9. __________ have extended blind spots and no-zones on all sides, similar to large trucks.
B: Compact cars
C: RVs
D: Sedans

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10. Position your vehicle or ____________ lanes to be in the correct lane well in advance of the intersection.
A: Anticipate
B: Mark
C: Identify
D: Change

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