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Drivers Ed -Driving Test Questions and Answers 3

1. If you are following another vehicle into a curve, drop back and create a ______ cushion to maneuver in the event that the driver ahead has a problem.
A: Hazard
B: Visibility
C: Traffic
D: Space

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2. __________ turn your vehicle around near blind curves or on hills where you cannot see well down the roadway in all directions.
A: Never
B: Often
C: Sometimes
D: Always

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3. Two-lane roadways may have dangerous __________, hills and intersections.
A: Signals
B: Curves
C: Interchanges
D: Signs

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4. Before putting the vehicle in motion, check the ________________ space around your vehicle to be sure it is completely clear.
A: Operating
B: Parking
C: Interior
D: Frequency

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5. The ____________ system controls the direction you are traveling.
A: Steering
B: Electrical
C: Brake
D: Fuel

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6. When sharing the road with a van, _________ space between the vehicles and avoid tailgating.
A: Increase
B: Minimize
C: Decrease
D: Reduce

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7. Riding home with another driver who is sober is better than being arrested or being __________.
A: In control
B: In a crash
C: In a cab
D: Intoxicated

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In a crash

Hint : It's better than being in a crash, or being arrested for intoxicated driving.

8. ________ insurance has two categories: bodily injury and property damage.
A: Deductible
B: Premium
C: Comprehensive
D: Liability

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9. Use fuel with the _____________ rating recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.
A: Converter
B: Emission
C: Exhaust
D: Octane

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10. Move the lever ________ to signal a RIGHT turn.
A: Up
B: Left
C: Down
D: Right

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