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Drivers Ed -Driving Test Questions and Answers

1. The combination of alcohol with other drugs can produce a _________ effect and alter or increase the effect of alcohol alone.
A: simplistic
B: synergistic
C: cybernetic
D: synthetic

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2. ____________ have less dehydrogenase enzymes, and take longer to eliminate alcohol from the system.
A: Males
B: Females
C: Small people
D: Large people

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3. One law regarding underage drinking applies to all states: _______ tolerance, which means there is a severe penalty for consuming ANY amount of alcohol and driving.
A: 0.01%
B: 0.02%
C: zero
D: 0.03%

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4. Be aware of the "no-zones" surrounding ___________ vehicles and avoid placing your vehicle in these zones for an extended amount of time.
A: Mid-size
B: Delivery
C: Small
D: Large

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5. Everyone has a social responsibility to keep drinkers from _______. Consider all the choices - call a cab or family member to keep your drunken friend from getting behind the wheel.
A: alcohol
B: driving
C: drugs
D: eating

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6. When there is no space to the sides to steer into, controlled braking might be necessary to achieve the ______ possible stopping distance.
A: Highest
B: Biggest
C: Shortest
D: Longest

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7. ___________ the time you travel in large vehicles "no-zones".
A: Minimize
B: Extend
C: Increase
D: Maximize

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8. Recognize and control your _________ nature, do not weave in traffic, tailgate or race with other drivers.
A: Negative
B: Stubborn
C: Passive
D: Competitive

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9. Vehicle _______ systems are designed to reduce effects of gravity, centrifugal force in curves and the force of impact.
A: Tire
B: Brake
C: Exhaust
D: Steering

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10. When the light turns green it _____________ mean the intersection is clear and it is safe to proceed.
A: Definitely
B: Doesn't
C: Couldn't
D: Does

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