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Drivers Ed -Driving Test Questions and Answers 2

1. Never stop on or near a _________ .
A: Stop line
B: Scenic outlook
C: Railroad track
D: Driveway

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Railroad track

2.Before passing a large truck, ________ following distance so you can scan well ahead of the truck for hazards down the road.
A: Increase
B: Narrow
C: Quicken
D: Shorten

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3. The passenger cage is designed to ________ the occupants.
A: Enclose
B: Conceal
C: Comfort
D: Protect

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4. Always ___________ your intention to turn.
A: Signal
B: Honk to display
C: Position
D: Consider

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5. If you are going right into a curve, ___________ will pull your vehicle to the center of the road, or possibly into an oncoming traffic lane.
A: Braking
B: Inertia
C: Gravity
D: Acceleration

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6. When there is an obstacle in your path, the visual ____________ zone is the space in which you have time to react and maneuver out of danger (steer or brake).
A: Hazard
B: Scan
C: Control
D: Search

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7. One very important thing to remember when you are backing up is __________ in the direction you want the back of the vehicle to go.
A: Listen
B: Accelerate
C: Steer
D: Brake

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8. If there is a shared left turn lane, do not use the shared-left turn lane for _____________. Enter the lane shortly before turning.
A: Searching
B: Veering
C: Through travel
D: Turning

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Through travel

9. Seatbelts __________to absorb energy in a crash.
A: Buckle
B: Snap
C: Stretch
D: Catch

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10. ___________ drinking is often done because of curiosity about taste and peer pressure.
A: Recreational
B: Environmental
C: Abuse
D: Experimental

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